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Our new seat

We would like to invite you to our new seat in  59-407 Mściwojów, Siekierzyce 1A.
Since January 2021 our entire company has been  located at the aforementioned address. The production hall, warehouse, shipment hall and office are now at a single location, which will streamline our operations and allow us to meet the needs of our customers even better.


New beginnings

Due to the development of our company, we have begun the construction of our new headquarters. We would like to inform our customers that the construction of a new production hall with an office building started in Siekierzyce near exit 52 from expressway S3.

We will continue manufacturing CFA augers, VDW, FDP, DSM heads, and high-pressure units that power drills. We will also develop drilling methods using WAI-type drills.


Small and big discussions, or 2019 Trade Fair

We – together with Seetech, Betek, and Schneider Mining Technology GmbH – would like to thank everyone with whom we were able to meet and drink a glass at the International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy held in Katowice between 10-13 September 2019.

We are very grateful for your presence.

See you in 2021!


Firmenlauf 2019

On 4 September 2019, we participated in a corporate run with our friends from BWH.
President Tosten Hoffmann was 2 minutes faster. Congratulations! :)


Mining Fair 2017

From 29 August to 1 September 2017 we, together with companies BETEK and OPREMA RAVNEhad the honor of taking part in the International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy 2017.


We would like to thank everyone who visited us and expressed their interest in our products. We really enjoyed meeting you and talking to you. Our company was supported by the present Underground Technology Chief Executive Officer at BETEK Mr. Thomas Neff and Mr. Oliver Spengler, who is responsible for the Tungstuds technology of securing against abrasion.



We also had the honor of hosting the representatives of company OPREMA (manufacturer of the highest quality pneumatic drillers): Chief Executive Officer Mr. Darko Jevšnikar and Sales Director Andreja Repnik Petrič...



Exclusive company, presentation of our products and unlimited number of subjects to discuss...
In one word: A LOT WAS GOING ON!
Subject No 1: reliable tools by BETEK and irreplaceable drillers and hammers by OPREMA.

We would like to thank everyone present for coming and we encourage to familiarize with our full offer.
Specialized Construction Works                   Rock Mining Companies                                  Granite Products       

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Good drilling lesson

On 3-9 May 2017 we, together with GDS and MWH, visited currently the greatest construction site in Stockholm, which applies water powered hammers supplied by us and crowns manufactured by our partner from the United States, company Drill King.


Hammers WAI 50 and 60 were also used to reinforce and underpin foundations and to raise the building of the Maritime Museum in Stockholm to the level. The works are necessary due to settling of the building. Piles of 140mm diameter were drilled down to depth of 22m. Soil formed 15m embankment consisting of sand pebbles, clay, wood, etc. This technology made it possible to execute piles without weakening and loosening of the ground under the building and under the existing piles. Non-invasive technology.