We produce augers with Kelly box connection for light and hard soils in various lengths, as requested by the customer. Our welded-on holders are made from HARDOX 450 sheet metal, 70 mm thick. The Ø 240 pilot produced by us ensures smooth operation and a long service life. We protect the auger flights with plates made from Hardox 400 metal sheet 10 mm thick. If the plate is worn, it is necessary to stop using the auger to prevent wearing of the protected flights and to replace the plates with new ones. We look forward to making repairs or sending you the necessary components.


Yevhen Shalov
Design Engineer - Technologist
+48 (74) 633 20 86
+48 506 416 713
Grzegorz Wojdyło
+48 (76) 870 14 01
+48 605 692 373
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