We produce continuous flight augers Ø 300 - 1,500 mm for CFA drilling. The central pipe, concrete supply pipe and the flights are made from S355J2H material, while the connectors (all types) are made from 42CrMo4 V+Ti.

Both the material preparation and welding technology, as well as the welding materials, have been selected by Castolin Eutectic. Our welders have the relevant certifications. Setting, positioning and alignment are all achieved using EASY LASSER technology. Welding is carried out on FRONIUS rotary tables and welding machines. We use tungsten carbide tools made exclusively by BETEK.

We produce documentation in Solid Works for all our products, which enables the customer to view the technical details. Also, ordering any spare parts of an auger or drill bit with us is not a problem, as we keep the entire history and documentation for our customers.

Feel free to send us your enquiries.

We look forward to making you an attractive offer, for really well-made equipment.


Yevhen Shalov
Design Engineer - Technologist
+48 (74) 633 20 86
+48 506 416 713
Grzegorz Wojdyło
+48 (76) 870 14 01
+48 605 692 373
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