Repairs and renovations

For our customers, we provide repair and reconditioning services for CFA, FDP, DSM, VDW, Kelly augers, drill pipes, extensions, adapters, etc.

We offer
- connector replacements
- repair and replacement of flights
- regeneration and replacement of welded-on holders
- repair and replacement of locks in casing pipes
- repair and renovation of loader and excavator buckets
- repairs of hydraulic cylinders
- repair and renovation of other equipment used in specialist construction

We know and understand the issue of in situ repairs on the construction site. We are always ready to quickly supply the components required for day-to-day repairs, and once the construction project is finished, the augers can be sent to us for a complete overhaul. We can't wait to carry out repairs for you as well.


Yevhen Shalov
Design Engineer - Technologist
+48 (74) 633 20 86
+48 506 416 713
Grzegorz Wojdyło
+48 (76) 870 14 01
+48 605 692 373
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